A Portrait of Your Horse

Brett is always happy to discuss equestrian commissions. A sizeable proportion of his artistic output involves this type of painting; it is therefore something with which he is very familiar. Whether you would like a painting of your horse racing or in competition, or a more intimate portrait focusing on your horse’s face, the process is very straightforward.

Brett advises the following:

‘The first step that I would recommend is to browse through some of my art both here in the gallery section of this site and also on my equine portfolio website. This will give you a good indication of the style of my work and might help you to decide on the sort of painting you want.

Then just send me an email or give me a call. Don’t worry if you’re unsure about what you want, I’m happy to advise and to talk you through the process. One important thing to consider is the size of painting that you would like. Once you have given me an indication of this, and the location of your horse, I’ll be able to send you information regarding the timescale for completion of the painting, and the price. The price list includes a variety of sizes so don’t worry if you’re not totally sure about scale.

Just because you enquire doesn’t mean that you’re under any obligation to proceed, so if you’re thinking about a portrait please feel free to get in touch.

Once the commission has been agreed, several visits will be required to see the horse, depending on the type of painting. I am aware that access to horses in training can be restricted and I am well used to working in a manner that does not cause disruption. If the painting is to be commissioned as a surprise gift I am also able to work around certain visiting times for purposes of secrecy, liaising with stable staff where appropriate.

Often so much of our affection, our time and our finances are invested in our horses. To possess a beautiful painting of them, an accurate, character-filled portrayal that can be viewed time and again, at home or at work, is a wonderful reminder of why we devote so much of our lives to these magnificent animals.


Racehorse art portrait