Frankie’s First

by Brett Lohn
Limited Edition Print

Measuring 61.8cm by 50.8cm this limited edition art print is a triumph of bold colour and buoyant gesture.

Brett says:

I love the idea that racing throws up of the contrast between a majestic thoroughbred and the frenzy of a roaring crowd. I felt it important with this piece to feature the brightly coloured advertising hoardings as they create the perfect foil against which I could place Authorized. Photographs of such scenes are extremely limited: one either sees the horse in focus and the crowd blurred or vice versa. The only way to see the scene I have painted is to be present.

To read more about the inspiration for this limited edition print visit the ‘Frankie’s First’ gallery page.

This limited edition print is restricted to 500 copies worldwide. Each lithograph is produced on archival paper and measures 61.8cm by 50.8cm with the actual image measuring 51.8cm by 38.8cm. Every print is hand signed and numbered by Brett Lohn.

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