February Gallops

by Brett Lohn
Limited Edition Print

'February Gallops' is a tour de force of colour, from the cloudless blue sky that stretches above the leafless trees, to the dormant winter grass wrapped in a golden blanket of early spring light. The muted warmth of the early spring sunshine can be felt crawling across this fine art print, playing on the flared nostrils of each horse. The crouching jockeys' clothes ripple with the force of the displaced air as their mounts gallop in tandem across the waking landscape

A full description of the painting ‘February Gallops’ including the reasons behind Brett Lohn’s choice of composition can be found in the Gallery section.

This captivating print is an example of modern horse art at its most descriptive. The limited edition is restricted to 250 copies worldwide. Each copy is numbered and signed by the artist Brett Lohn.

The print measures 605 x 455mm (24 x 18 inches approx) overall, with the actual image measuring 505mm x 335mm (20 x 13 inches approx). It is produced on 300gsm acid-free paper harvested from a naturally sustained forest environment


Please note that the Equine Art Company watermark and logo do not appear on the actual product.