Dawn Raid

by Brett Lohn
Limited Edition Print

The rising sun washes orange light over the Millenium Grandstand. As the world wakes we can see that the gallops are already a hive of activity, as we are given a glimpse into the hard work and preparation that lies behind every race and every champion.


Brett says:


“Early morning summer light gives a unique warmth and tone to a horse’s coat. This is something that I found a real pleasure to paint in ‘Dawn Raid’ as I feel that it reveals the thoroughbred in his full majesty. By positioning the two horses so that they have just passed the viewer, I have been able to show their faces in what I believe to be a particularly noble and graceful profile, adding to their overall majesty”.


Visit the ‘Dawn Raid’ gallery page to read more about this painting.


This equestrian fine art print measures approximately 960 x 520mm (38 x 20.5 inches) overall, with the actual image measuring 810mm x 360mm ( 32 x 14 inches). It is produced on 300gsm acid-free paper harvested from a naturally sustained forest environment.


Both prints are hand signed and numbered by the artist.


Please note that the Equine Art Company watermark and logo do not appear on the actual product.